Writing a Secondary Research Dissertation Paper

The secondary research dissertation type is easier and makes you more comfortable than the primary dissertation type. Are you still thinking you might get stressed in writing this type of dissertation? Oh NO! Now is your lucky time to enjoy writing with your mind at peace.

Before we run too fast, what exactly is secondary research about?  Just in contrast to what primary research stands for is the full involvement of the research in collecting the data needed. A secondary research format is retrieving data collated by some other researchers in time past. In simple terms, secondary research revolves around other researchers’ results and reusing them in a better way. This means the recent researcher explains the relevance of the research in the present-day system.

Understanding what secondary research means now brings you to see how stress-free and less involving it gets.

The secondary research dissertation surely has more merits than drawbacks. Such effects are:

  • It is cheap to conduct. The primary research requires lots of information and demands more money from the researcher. Secondary research is very cheap and affordable.
  • Secondary research requires little time and a small space. Every researcher will agree that space and time is one factor that affects their productivity. Using a secondary research method is the key to enjoy your time and avoid the long months of awaiting data from people.
  • Apart from completing your research work, it also saves you time for having enough data on your hands. It is with a single search online that you get all the necessary information you need.
  • Using a secondary research method also guarantees you a broader scope of data. You can get as much information as you wish and work on more scope that you want.

On the other hand, this method may be considered non-beneficial due to the data collection time. The previous researcher might have covered a location a little time before you were supposed to do that. Meaning your data is outdated as your dissertation is concerned, and this can mean that your dissertation question is not answered as required.

Depending on your choice, you can decide to use the qualitative or the quantitative data collection method. Here are straightforward steps to get your work done using a secondary research method:

  • Have and build up the necessary questions for your research. Here you determine your focus and aim of work.
  • Source for the secondary data set needed and the ones related to the aim of your work.
  • Analyze the secondary data set you have gotten.
  • Arrange and create variables that will explain your research work better.


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